Simply Scrumptious Sweet Potato

Simply Scrumptious Sweet Potato

These baked sweet potatoes are so simple and so scrumptious! If you've cottoned on to this already you'll know exactly what I mean! If you haven't made these before, don't delay they are soooo good. When baked in virgin coconut oil, the sweet potato delivers a beautiful caramel flavour. Enjoy!


3 medium sweet potatoes (approx. 1 kg or 2 lbs)
3 tbs virgin coconut oil
1/2 tsp sea salt


Pre-heat oven to 170 degrees celcius or 340 degrees fahrenheit.

Peel sweet potatoes and dice to approx. 2cm or 1 inch pieces.

Place sweet potato in roasting pan and sprinkle with sea salt. Add coconut oil.

Put baking dish in the oven to cook. After 5 minutes stir through coconut oil to ensure the sweet poato is thoroughly covered in oil.

Cook for a further 55 minutes.